“Because Life is about Sights, Sounds, People & Memories”

Jim is the owner and lead cinematographer at INDIGO IMAGES. Below are just a few of the experiences that shaped his life and his insatiable appetite for story telling through imagery.

Jim Blasquez

A little Background...

Lucky enough to be born in Carmel by the Sea, I’ve been capturing images since age 5.  By age 11, I was developing film and printing photos in my own “garage” darkroom.

My father was a photographer, as is my sister on the East Coast.    Pretty sure there’s a message there somewhere.

At 17... I joined the Marine Corp and spent two of those years just a few miles from Hanauma Bay, Hawaii (right).  It was there that the sea and underwater photography (subsequently underwater video) became an obsession.  It is also where I got to film, from the back seats of a jet fighter, high enough to see stars in the daytime and see enough curvature of the earth to know that Columbus was right (the world is round).
Since then,  shooting has been my life.  It’s been producing video and commercials for Hawaiian, Japanese and domestic TV plus tons of Wedding and Event Videos.  We’ve worked with huge corporations like; Xerox, Boeing and the IBM Corporation.   We’ve shot endless events, surgery, underwater crime scenes for the FBI and the US Secret Service. And we’ve Shot wildlife in the Amazon Jungle, at night... IN THE RAIN.

It’s the diversity of all that experience that we feel gives us a leg up on a lot of other’s in this industry.

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